About Us

From the owner, William -
At Golden Plaice, we believe in family values. We aim to cook you a delicious meal as if you're one of the family.

What's our secret to cooking the most beautiful and delicious golden fried fish?

It's simple:
- Top quality fresh fish from only the most trustworthy suppliers
- Great batter, well mixed for an irresistible light crispy feel
- Fresh, clean vegetable oil for frying, and most importantly,
- Perfect timing

What about the Chips?

A lovely plate of Fish & Chips is only as good as the chips, and I'll tell you another secret - it takes the most skill and experience to get the chips just right.
Potatoes are seasonal, so the type, size, sweetness and juiceness of the potatoes differs from month to month.

We adjust our cooking temperature and frying time to ensure that your chips are perfect every time. We cook our chips to perfection creating a lightly crispy outside with a warm, fluffy interior for when you take your first mouthwatering bite.